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ceramic shop 

hi! welcome to the ceramic portion of the shop!! 
all ceramic pieces are built entirely by hand by kaisa. hand pinching and hand painting is a labour of love and gives the pieces an intimate texture and feeling, and makes each one a real reflection of my hands. 

on pricing and accessibility: i've recently bumped up the prices of my work to better account for the time and energy i put into them and for the rising costs of living and shipping. accessibility is important to me and is the main reason I’ve hesitated so long to bump up my prices. I want people to be able to afford art, and at the end of the day, these are still *hopefully* cups you're incorporating into your daily life. I promise I’m trying to keep pricing fair and accessible and hope that you consider saving up for a piece. If you can’t afford the pieces, I sometimes do seconds sales (slightly flawed pieces for less) but also want to offer that you should send me an email to work something out. big love, thanks for being here!! :) :) 

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