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Hi! We're kaisa and teia, two sisters raised in aylmer, quebec right near the ottawa river. 

sisaret started as a dream for a shared clothing brand that would reflect our shared values on creativity, sustainability with a nice sprinkling of colour and sillyness. Life has taken us down different paths and to opposite sides of this wide country and we now keep sisaret as a landing place for our separate creative pursuits where we can still share our love for each other, super average GIF's and the same values that led us to dream up creating things together in the first place. 

we hope you love your objects and know that they are made with so much love! 


she lives in the mountains in revelstoke, bc where she loves to ski and explore. she gives clay classes and works seasonally as a tree planter during the summer. 

follow along @sisaretceramics

is the artist behind the ceramics. 



the clothing. She lives in Montreal with a sweet sewing atelier and works full-time as a stylist while sewing and beading on the side. 

follow along @teiaaaaaa

is the artist behind the jewelry and

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