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sisaret - finnish translation of 'sisters'

founded by two sisters with Finnish roots, Sisaret is a line of small batch ethical clothing and handbuilt ceramics handmade in Revelstoke, BC and Montreal, Quebec.

as we grow it is our goal to use sisaret as a platform to share our creative pursuits in whatever form they may take. to us this means that we share our successes and failures intimately with each other, but also gives us time and a place to express ourselves authentically. this process asks for patience and we thank you for yours and for your love and support, always. 


It is such a privilege and a pleasure to be able to make things, and we hope you love and enjoy them as much as we do.


a bit more about us: 

Kaisa and Teia both studied at LaSalle College in Fashion Design with dreams of starting a business together. Kaisa also has a BFA from Concordia University and makes ceramics and art based out of Revelstoke, BC. Teia has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Business from the École Supérieure de mode, ESG, UQAM in Montreal and is currently working as a stylist while making jewelry and clothing based out of Montreal, QC. 

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