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03-Kaisa Lindfors.jpg

Rested Sky Vase, underglaze painting on porcelain


I can see the highway from here bowl,
underglaze painted porcelain

I can see the highway from here / but it still feels special

kaisa's portfolio
ceramic work

this collection of ceramic vases, cages and cups are a project I started during an artist residency in 2020 at Nanaimo Ceramic Arts. Through this work I've been bla bla

05-Kaisa Lindfors.jpg

I imagine my eyes are wider out here vase,
underglaze painted porcelain

I imagine my eyes are wider out here / when filled with sky

04-Kaisa Lindfors.jpg
01-Kaisa Lindfors.jpg

The sun is warm vase, underglaze painting on porcelain

The sun is warm and directly above you / how self centered it is to believe / we are alone / while being surrounded by life

My hands cage, porcelain sculpture

My hands aren't big enough to hold you / I let you slip through my fingers / see parts of you fall 

DSC_1077 copy.jpg

Let me grow on you vase, 
underglaze painting on porcelain


Assorted small cages, underglaze painting on porcelain


Sumac vase, underglaze painting on porcelain

You like the feeling of quiet /
and the canopy of late summer sumac

Don't be shy vase, underglaze painting on porcelain

Ne soyez pas timide / je suis timide


Grounding vase, underglaze painting on porcelain

I've been searching for a sense of grounding / sometimes I fall flat


Cottage vase, underglaze painting on porcelain

thanks for looking!!

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